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In February 2021, Edinburgh Council ruled in favour of enacting buffer zones throughout the city but said that national framework was required.


Around the same time, we were told by Glasgow City Council we would be unable to launch a similar petition because they didn't believe that they had the powers to create the buffer zones themselves, and suggested that we take this matter to the Scottish Government.


As it stands, the Scottish Government says that local authorities have the powers to create buffer zones. The Scottish Government also says that police have the power to break up disorderly protests however we know from evidence that disorderly conduct is not the main by-product of these protests - it's harassment.


By launching a petition it means that we can try and use this as evidence to show the Scottish Government the widespread support. It also means that those who support with our campaign can sign this and they don't have to be confined to one city. It is Scotland-wide so any Scot or resident will be able to sign.


To help us ensure that those attending abortion clinics will not be harassed or intimidated by protesters, please:

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